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Well done

I have to admit I like the first one more since I knew what was going on but this was very good too. If there is a plot it is very shallow, or at least it is right now. Can't wait for the next.

Oh and stick figures is not just for amatures.. it is a style, like Japanese Animation is a style, they are not just trying to make it easier to animate.

That was awesome.

This was an awesome flash. Clean cut, great graphics, the over all look of the piece was amazing. It was a little slow in movement though. That might just be the computer I am using. But you did a Great job.


A good stick movie. Your great with graphics and I particularly liked the dead stick man face at the end. I'm not one of those blood and guts person but it made me laugh. It was short and sweet.

toxicbomb responds:

thanks! (&:

Finally a good flash.

Nice work... this was cute but not puking cute. That is a fine line. I bet she loved it, I sure did.

Good start.

This is a good start to a flash. I am intriged to learn more of this rooster...

MoisesManzo responds:

his names cola, and hes going to be in action packed cock fight!!!!


This movie was just disturbing for the sake of disturbing.

Gra-ham responds:

It IS just disturbing for the sake of disturbing!

An orange stick man kicks many stick man butts.

For someone who doesn't like the stick figure movies that much I liked this one. Not too difficult of graphics, but the way they were crisp and planned beautifully. Very well done. Makes you smile at the horrible violence that stick people have to face.

Okay graphics and something to do with Cloud.

The plot seems to do something with someone being picked on by a bunch of people. I guess that a "Cloud" like character comes up and helps. People run fast and then he has a bag of money.. I guess that is funny.

I was here.

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